Fort Lauderdale

Agatha Christie BBC Murders - National Tour

Explore four of Agatha Christie's classic mysteries.

Solve the Mystery as Agatha Christie’s BBC Murders Begins Performances in Fort Lauderdale

Everyone in Fort Lauderdale can be a detective now that the national tour of Agatha Christie’s BBC Murders begins performances on January 15. The evening of classic mysteries on stage will run at the Parker Playhouse through February 3. The show consists of four of Christie’s most compelling works: Three Blind Mice, Yellow Iris, Butter in a Lordly Dish and Personal Call.

Lost during the London Blitz and post-war reconstruction, these four plays that aired on BBC radio between 1937 and 1954 have been adapted into full-staged productions to set audiences on the edge of their seats.

Three Blind Mice, which originally aired in 1947, was later adapted by Christie into Mousetrap, the world’s longest-running play. Yellow Iris features original songs written by Rupert Holmes (The Mystery of Edwin Drood). Butter in a Lordly Dish takes its title from a passage from the book of Judges in the Bible and refers to the story of Jael, who killed Sisera by driving a nail through his head. Personal Call marks the first appearance of Christie’s character Inspector Narracott, who features in her novel The Sittaford Mystery.

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