Fort Lauderdale

Flashdance - National Tour

The pop culture phenomenon is now live on stage!

I Love Rak ‘n’ Roll: On the Road with Flashdance's Rachelle Rak, Episode 4: Ziplining into Utter Abyss

With some free time in Louisville, Rachelle Rak and her Flashdance co-stars go for a ziplining adventure. The video blogger fearlessly soars through dark caves while shouting her well-known catchphrase, “Cha-cha-puus!” After conquering the caves, the cast arrives in Grand Rapids on their next tour stop. Rak takes viewers inside the orchestra pit to see where the rocking sounds of the musical come from. Our host even sits down with Flashdance leads Emily Padgett and Matthew Hydzik to learn how they first met and they worked their way up from swings to stars.

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