Broadway Across America

Health & Safety

Broward Center has a current health and safety plan in place that has been developed in collaboration Cleveland Clinic and in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines. This plan will be updated as the environment changes, and we will share the updated plan well in advance of the first show in November.

If you have a ticket for a canceled or rescheduled performance listed below, you should have already received an email notification from your point of purchase detailing your options for your tickets for your affected performance.

Season Updates

  • COME FROM AWAY, Disney’s FROZEN and AIN’T TOO PROUD: have been added to the season lineup.
  • THE PROM: originally scheduled for February 23 –28, 2021, is being rescheduled to December 14 –19, 2021. It will still be part of the current season.
  • TOOTSIE: originally scheduled for October 12 –24, 2021, is being rescheduled to January 11 –23, 2022. It will still be part of the current season.
  • CATS: originally schedule for June 15 –27, 2021 has been rescheduled to April 5 –10, 2022 as a Subscriber Choice option, reducing its performance schedule from two weeks to one week. Current subscribers that selected The Band’s Visit, as their Subscriber Choice, will automatically be moved into Cats. Subscribers that selected The Prom, as their Subscriber Choice, have the option of now adding Cats to their package.
  • PRETTY WOMAN: originally scheduled for March 9 –21, 2021, is being rescheduled to May 4 –15, 2022. It will still be part of the current season.
  • HAMILTON and THE BAND’S VISIT: These engagements are unable to be rescheduled at this time and the shows are now no longer a part of your Broadway season. We are working to reschedule them for a future season.